YES Puyallup Program Overview

Youth Engagement Services Puyallup  (YES Puyallup) is a collaborative treatment model that will provide behavioral health support services to Puyallup School District families and personal. YES Puyallup—a partnership between Mary Bridge, Puyallup School District and Kids’ Mental Health Pierce County will be providing behavioral health navigation to identified students who are at risk of interrupted learning due to severe behavioral health risk factors.

The intent of the Behavioral Health Navigator-SW (BHN-SW) position is to reduce emergency department utilization for behavioral health needs for youth and provide behavioral health navigation to Puyallup School District to students who are at risk of interrupted learning due to severe behavioral health risk factors.  The BHN will work collaboratively with students, families and school personal to complete a screening assessment with the parent and student and assist with behavioral health navigation to assist the student with accessing community mental health support services and/or referral to Kids Mental Health Pierce County Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT).

YES Puyallup Desk Reference Guide

Woodcreek Pediatrics

Woodcreek Pediatrics – Mary Bridge Children’s​, in partnership with the Puyallup School District, launched our first school-based health clinic at the beginning of the 2021 school year.  This clinic is located next to the counseling office at Emerald Ridge High School and provides behavioral health services students at ERHS and Glacier View Junior High.

Accessing Services
Are you a parent of a ERHS/GVHS student who needs some additional support?  We’d love to help your family!  Please contact your student’s school counselor and request to be referred to the Woodcreek school-based health clinic.  Your student’s counselor may also reach out to you if they believe a behavioral health assessment would be helpful to your student. Learn More

Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital Youth Engagement Services (YES Puyallup) Referral Form

Mary Bridge’s Youth Engagement Services Puyallup (YES Puyallup), an addition to the emergency department provides intensive support services to PSD families when their children are at risk of harm to self/others, incarceration, inpatient psychiatric treatment or foster care due to underlying behavioral or mental health concerns. YES Puyallup is a team of licensed mental health professionals. Members of this team will provide screening and assessment, brief counseling/therapy, intensive case management services, and therapeutic support services to include monthly staffing with a community Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) to review progress and clinical recommendations for services and support. A three-tiered approach will help identify students who are at risk of interrupted learning due to severe behavioral health risk factors by early identification and access to community stabilization services.