Black/Indigenous/People of Color – BIPOC Resources

Deconstructing the Mental Health System Inc.

DMHSUS is a robust website including BIPOC provider directory, resources for providers, resources for clients and opportunity for free or low cost services to BIPOC clients.

Girls Hearts on Fire

Institute for Black Justice

Working to strengthen families, young adults and black communities. See website for additional information and program details

Latinx Therapist Action Network

Multicultural Counselors | Counselor

NAMI: BIPOC Resources

Racial Equity Support Line – Lines For Life

Led and staffed by people with lived experiences with racism. They offer support to those who are feeling the emotional impacts of racist violence and microaggressions, as well as the emotional impacts of immigration struggles and other cross-cultural issues.

Tacoma Community College Immigrant and Refugee Resource List

Asia Pacific Cultural Center

Racism / Social Injustice

Virtual Webinar:
Talking to Kids About Racism and Social Justice