Summit II, April 25, 2019
On April 25, 2019, nearly 100 Pierce County representatives from emergency services, law enforcement, juvenile justice, community mental health, healthcare, education, child welfare and developmental services came together to confirm our first actions to make our dream of a coordinated mental health system for children a reality.

We Shared:

  • Our Statement of Community Need
  • Our hopes for the Kids’ Mental Health Coalition
  • Our definitions of success
  • Our suggestions for who needs to be at the table

We Confirmed:

  • Our four priority actions
  • Our commitment to this
    • work and the engagement
    • of youth and families

We Planned:

  • To hire a project manager to shepherd our work over the next year
  • To organize our action teams so that we can get to work

An estimated 48,000 children in Pierce County diagnosed with behavioral health problems need our help

“Because none of our agencies can do this alone. We owe it to the kids of Pierce County to come together so that they get the very best, comprehensive care.”
– a Summit participant

51 participants signed up for one or more of the following action teams:

  • Family Wellness Center
  • Access & Care Coordination
  • Expansion of Mobile Crisis Services
  • Workforce Development

Our Values

Our values hold children and youth at the center of our work link us together and engender trust. Together we:
Kids Mental Health Values

What’s Next

  • Updates to our website so that we can use it as our platform of communication
  • Communications to action team members as we prepare for our first “action” meetings in the fall
  • The Steering Committee develops metrics and opportunities to engage youth and families