May, 2024

2024 Mental Health Awareness Month Campaign

This year’s theme for Mental Health Month is “Where to Start: Mental Health in a Changing World.” In a world that is constantly evolving, it can be overwhelming to navigate the various challenges and changes happening around us. The pressures of work, relationships, and societal factors, like politics, climate change, and the economy, can significantly impact our mental well-being, sometimes even more than we realize. While society is getting more comfortable discussing mental health, it can still be hard to know “Where to Start” when these pressures are impacting your daily life — what do you do when you think you might be experiencing signs and symptoms of a mental health condition? You can learn more about the theme and resources by downloading the 2024 Mental Health America Toolkit.

This toolkit provides events and resources to distribute through your individual or organization distribution network. Our goal is to expand our safety net by leveraging our different community connections to expand the messaging. Below are events and resources we recommend promoting through your distribution networks throughout May. This is not an exhaustive list of events, so we encourage you to include any events occurring with your community.

KMHPC is excited to announce the first KMHPC Partner of Excellence Award. This award is to recognize a community partner who exemplifies dedication to youth mental health advocacy, collaboration, and tangible contributions to improving mental health support for young people in Pierce County! This award will be presented on 5/22/24 at the KMHPC Behavioral Health Networking Breakfast. Please submit your nominations by 5/15/24 to honor the amazing work being done in Pierce County. Access the nomination form here by the submission deadline.

Community Conversations Webinar Flier | CLR Mental Health Webinars | Mental Health Month Event Flier

Mental Health Month Resources:
HCA Mental Health Awareness Month Toolkit | Outreach ideas | Sample email announcement | Sample proclamation (MHA) | Sample proclamation (WA HCA)

Join us all month for these special events!

Pierce County “Be Seen in Green” Campaign

Why Wear Green?
Green is more than just a color—it’s the international symbol for mental health awareness. Representing fresh starts, optimism, and energy, wearing green (or even adding a touch of it to your space) makes a bright and bold statement: I care about mental health!
Make your outfit stand out with fun accessories like ribbons, badges, or custom decorations that symbolize mental health awareness. Don’t forget to share your creative green outfits on social media and tag us.

Pick a date: While we encourage participation on May 22, 2024 (Youth Behavioral Health Networking Breakfast), feel free to host your event on any day in May that suits you. Spread the word: Don’t forget to send to Kids Mental Health Pierce County so we can promote through the community calendar. Celebrate your achievement: Complete the challenge and share the impact of your efforts!

For Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Month was started by Mental Health America and has been observed during May since 1949. The purpose of Mental Health Month is to raise awareness, educate the public about mental health conditions, and reduce the stigma that surrounds these conditions. Light Up Green is part of our Mental Health Month campaign in which we ask buildings and structures across the U.S. to light up green (the color for mental health awareness) throughout the month of May.

I want to participate! What should I do next? Ask your building if they would join us in raising awareness for mental health by lighting up green sometime in May. Once you have confirmed your building is lighting up green, please email
with the name of the building and the date(s) they are lighting up.

Light Up Green Pierce County Flyer

2024 Light Up Green FAQs and Sample Email

2023 Campaign:

Community Conversation: Where to Go: Behavioral Health Navigation in Pierce County Q&A

May 15, 2024 3:00 PM - Behavioral health is just as important as physical health issues, but sometimes it’s not easy to ask for help. Supporting the mental health of children and youth will require a whole-of-society effort to address longstanding challenges, strengthen the resilience of young people, support their families and communities, and mitigate the pandemic’s mental health impacts.

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