Girl Talk Youth Forum

Youth Engagement Services Tacoma (YES-Tacoma) is happy to announce we will be starting “Girl Talk Youth Forum” (GTYF).  GTYF is a free 4 week virtual 60- minute therapy group for Tacoma Public Schools middle and high school teen girls, providing a safe space to find and give support with other teens while discussing relevant topics that matter to you.

Participants will be eligible to win a pair of Apple AirPods.
Stay tuned for more summer supports from the YES Team.

Girl Talk Youth Forum Flyer

Sessions will start on Monday, July 27th so we encourage early registration.

GTYF Sessions Overview:

Session 1:  Introduction and creating group expectations

  • Facilitator and group members will engage in introduction process utilizing ice breaker activity
  • Facilitator will engage the youth in activity to establish group rules, expectations and norms

Session 2: What do mental health symptoms look like in teens?

  • Psychoeducation related to common mental health symptoms among adolescents
  • Facilitator will engage youth in guided therapeutic group conversation, fostering a safe space for students to express and share their experiences with behavioral health symptoms

Session 3: What are coping skills?

  • Youth will have the opportunity to begin to identify their own coping skills and begin to be able to talk about the effects and the coping skills
  • Facilitator will provide psychoeducation around the benefits of establishing healthy coping strategies (grounding techniques, deep breathing exercises, cognitive behavioral health therapy coping strategies)
  • Facilitator will provide psychoeducation around the difference between maladaptive coping techniques and healthy coping strategies

Session 4: Interpersonal Relationships

  • Group session will cover the topics of social media, peer relationships, bullying and the impacts they have on adolescent behavioral health
  • Youth will have the opportunity to process the impacts that COVID-19 has had on peer relationships and social skills

For questions and more information contact YES Clinician, Kianna Carter



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